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geeky-toolsGeeky Tools: AntiHack Security


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Geeky Hacks: AntiHack Security app is one of those functional anti hacking protection & security tools apps that works as spyware detector and remover, wifi protector, ping tools, and repair system android.

Do you worry that your phone may have viruses, spyware, or stalkerware? Other security applications that might be risky itself and charge for too much money? Can’t trust any programme, but you don’t require a free hacking app?

What are the advantages of this anti-hacker Geeky Hacks software?

  • Detect tracker and stop hidden data collection.
  • Get a spyware scanner and use a one-tap scan to secure the security of your device.
  • Protect your phone 24/7 real-time protection
  • Malware Security
  • Anti Tracker
  • WiFi Security
  • Optimize phone performance
  • system updates and Android issues

Use anti-hacking troubleshooting tools and solutions to defend your phone against mobile online threats such as tapjacking, virus, trojans hackers, ransomware & adware. This anti-hacking security tool aids in the detection of all spyware and virus varieties.

Using this bug detector scanner, you may look for harmful programmes, examine privacy, and locate hidden apps. Additionally, this anti-hack spyware scanner functions as a system advisor to block outside trackers and hackers and stops all background-running apps to prevent against malware attacks.

Geekapp : Ultimate Mobile Security Services


Anti-Hack Security

Have you a sneaking feeling that third-party hacking software is active on your device?

  • Anti-hacking software is one of the best security solutions available today. It helps you catch fraud, stop hacking, and protect your data.
  •  Protection against website hackers. The necessary security against spy hacker software is provided by our stalkerware detection and anti-surveillance tool.

Detector and Remover of Spyware

  • Anti spyware is a scanner & anti detector of spyware hacker and stalkerware.
  • Avoid viruses, trojans, spyware, and stalkerware from infecting your phone or tablet and capturing your data or spying on you.

WiFi Security Protection

  • Detect who is on my WiFi is a potent anti-detect and wifi protection tool to protect your internet security and wifi security.

Tracker Security

Are you being tracked on your phone?

  • A privacy-protecting anti-tracking app will reveal who is watching you.

Hidden Applications Detector

  • With or without an icon in the installed app list, hidden, harmful apps can be found with hidden app detector.

Android System Software Repair

Need your phone fixed?

  • Android repair is a smart specialist for your phone, and troubleshooting will support you in resolving issues.

Virus removal

Are you worried about the security of your device?

  • Malware-detecting software to assist you in identifying the best malware security against harmful applications for all of your devices.

pop-up ad blocker

  • Find and remove advertising that appear outside of the app.
  • Ad Detector does not stop pop-up advertisements.

Threatening Apps Detector

  •  Dangerous app identification to prevent using risky apps.

Manager of Permissions

  • Manage and track privacy permissions for a complete device security and privacy tracker solution.

Tool for Ping Test

  •  The fundamentals of the ping command for network scanning and troubleshooting!

Mobile Hardware Diagnostics Test

  • Check the hardware of the device and get all the info

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