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Final grade calculator


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Do you need a Final Grade Calculator to figure out how well you’ll do on your final exam? This is the appropriate location for calculating the final grade. This tool will also save you time and provide you with precise results. All you have to do is type some numbers into the text fields to obtain the results. It’s that easy.

How Does the Calculator for Final Grades Work?

The majority of school or semester class grades are assigned to a few categories. Classwork, homework, midterms, quizzes, secondary examinations, and final exams are only a few examples. As a result, each category contributes to the final grade computation. You can improve your final test score if you perform well in all of these categories.

The final test score will not be used for calculating your current overall marks. As a result, you must determine the minimal grade you must achieve on your final test. As a consequence, you will do better in the final test. finally, use this calculator.

Definition and Formula

Let’s talk about the formula and definition now.


By subtracting the desired grade from 100% and the final exam weight(w), multiplying by the present grade, and dividing the entire result by the final exam weight(w), the final grade is determined (w).

Final Grade = ( Required Grade – (100% − Final Exam Weight(w)) x Current Grade) / Final Exam Weight(w)

It’s nothing more than a simple mathematical formula. This formula can be entered into any standard calculator. you do not need to maintain track of the exact computations with this calculator.

Final Grade Calculation

Example 1

The current grade = 80%
Final exam weight = 30%
Required grade = 70%

Finally, the formula is as follows:

Final Grade
= [ Required Grade – (100% – W) x Current Grade ] / W
[ 70% – (100% – 30%) x 80% ) ] / 30%

So, the final exam grade should be 46.67% .

Example 2

As an example, consider 3 assignments.

Assignment weights Grades
First Assignment 40% 17
Second Assignment 20% 40
Third Assignment 25% 50

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So, to achieve a class grade of 90%, we’ll need to discover the average grade in the second and third assignments.


Current grade =
First Assignment Grade = grade1 / max grade1
= 17/20

Required grade = 90%

Final exam weight =
W = weight2 + weight3
= 20% + 25%
= 45%
Final Grade
= [ Required grade – (100% – W) x current grade ] / W
= [ 90% – (100% – 40%) x 85% ] / 40% = 97.5%

Finally, you’ve received the grading calculator’s final findings. And you’ll get a 97.5 % in the final exam.

With use of this method you also find the 2 & 3 assignment grade

2nd Assignment Grade = 97.5% x max grade = 97.5% x 40 = 39
3rd Assignment Grade = 97.5% x max grade = 97.5% x 50 = 48.75

How to Use the Calculator for Final Grade?

  • Firstly, you have to open the final grade calculator.
  • At the top of the page, you’ll notice several empty boxes and option boxes when you’ve opened the calculator.
  • To begin, you can see that there are two possibilities. “Letters” and “Percentage.” So, go ahead and pick one.
  • The three input boxes are then visible.
  • The first box is for current grade (%), which you can fill in with your current grade.
  • The second box is for a grade that is necessary (%).
  • The third is for the final percentage weight (%).
  • Finally, press the “Calculate” button.
  • The final result will be displayed at the bottom of the box.
  • You may also utilize the “Final Total Grade” in the same way.


Q-1. Can I make it through my final exam with a minimum score?

A-1. Students typically want to know what grade they need on the final exam to earn a target grade in a subject or course as the conclusion of the year, semester, or course approaches.

The final grade calculator can tell you what minimal final grade you’ll need to meet your overall grade goal. It accomplishes this by employing basic math, as detailed below.

To determine the minimum grade that must be achieved, use this formula:

Final Grade = ( Required Grade – (100% − Final Exam Weight(w)) x Current Grade) / Final Exam Weight(w)

You only need to know your present grade, the weight allocated to the final exam score in the total scoring of the course or class, and a target for your overall grade to utilise the calculator. Rather than guessing your current weighted average grade, try using the grade calculator.

Q-2. What impact will my final have on my grade?

A-2. The impact of a final exam grade on an overall grade for a high school or college course is determined by the score you receive as well as its weight in the total grade.

If you obtain a good grade but the final only counts for 20 percent of your entire grade, it will have a two-fold lower influence than if it counts for 40percent of your overall grade.

Similarly, if it is heavily weighted, say 50 percent, and you receive a worse mark on it than on your other tests during the semester, it will drop your overall grade far more than if it is weighted at 20 percent or 30 percent.


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