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What is Simple interest?

The simple rate is the interest rate charge when money is borrow or lent. Also, The investor must be compensated if a receiver gets monies from an investment. The idea is that money borrowed over a period of time should be repaid with interest. Even if amount received by the investor for spending the money is referred to as interest.

Because interest does not compound, interest on interest shouldn’t be paid. Multiply the principal by the number of periods to get the interest rate.

The interest is determined by first deducting the amount from the interest payable this month, By paying the investor the amount he or she also used to obtain the funds, the remainder is applied to the principle.

What is Simple interest calculator

Since You can calculate the simple interest rate using a basic interest calculator on a daily, monthly, or annual basis. Rather than combining loans and savings, it will calculate the interest on each separately. Although Enter the principle amount, annual rate, and quantity in days, months, or years in the formula box of the simple interest calculator. The calculator will be use to calculate the interest rate.

How to work simple interest calculator

Basically If P is the primary amount of money to be invest at a rate of interest that drastically fluctuates per amount over a specific range of time, this calculator determines I, the simple interest for a given Principal amount of money. r=R/100 everywhere r is in decimal form. r and t are time units that are the same.

The easy interest calculator will display the total amount owed, which includes both principal and interest. The basic interest calculator is based on the following mathematical equation:

Equation:  A = P [1 +(r*t)]


A = Accurate balance
P = The initial balance
r = Rate of interest
t = Range of time in years


While 2000 is initial balance of the account , 50% rate of interest % number of year seven for this value calculate the simple interest


A = ?
P = 2000
r = 50% = 0.5
t = 7 years

A = P(1 + rt)

A = P(1 + [50%]7)

A = P(1 + [0.5]7)

A = 2000(1 + 3.5)

A = 2000(4.5)

A = 9000

simple interest = A – P

simple interest = 9000 – 2000

simple interest = 7000

The benefits of utilizing a simple interest calculator are as follows:

A simple interest calculator determines the amount you receive by investing money at the conclusion of the maturity period. The amount computed with the basic interest EMI calculator, on the other hand, includes both the interest and the principle you must pay to the lender.

A simple loan calculator, unlike traditional calculators, is an online tool that provides instant results.

The following are some of the benefits of using an online calculator:

  • It includes complete information, such as the amount of interest and principle owed.
  • The online calculator eliminates the risk of making a mathematical error, which is typical when using manual techniques.
  • The online calculator gives you a fast estimate of how much interest you’ll pay if you borrow, lend, or deposit money.
  • You will also be able to track your profits and losses over time.You can use this knowledge to make future plans
  • You may use it to figure out how much money you’ll get after your loan is paid off.
  • When compared to manual calculators, it saves time.
  • It is accessible 24 X 7.

What can a simple loan calculator do for you?

A simple interest calculator is a digital tool that simplifies the calculating of simple interest rates. The easy interest EMI calculator, unlike standard calculators, can rapidly display the results of complicated data.

The following examples demonstrate how a basic loan calculator may assist you:

  • It displays both the principle amount and the amount of interest earned.
  • Even for extended tenures when individuals frequently make calculation errors, it may promptly provide a determined sum.
  • Simple loan calculators, unlike the manual technique of computation, display the precise amount.
  • It provides you with information and allows you to organise your finances.
  • The calculator helps you determine how much money you’ll receive at maturity.
  • When compared to manual calculators, it saves time.


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