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This GPA adding machine instrument is a free asset that will handily compute your grade point normal (GPA).

Regardless of whether for the everyday schedule, comprehend your GPA so you realize how well your normal score is on your courses. This shows how high or low they are overall, which would then be able to be utilized to asses your appropriateness for a school course or to guarantee you are meeting assumptions on a current course.

What is GPA calculator

A GPA calculator is used to figure out your current grade point average based on grades from a certain time period. It can be used to compute your GPA over the course of an academic year, such as your senior year of high school, or over the course of a single semester in college.

It’s a simple tool to use, with a GPA calculator only requiring some basic information about your grades.

Because each grading system is different throughout the world, the grades used vary, with some nations, such as the United States, employing lettering systems. Although numerical grades are prevalent in Europe, a calculator can calculate the GPA using any grading system.

How the GPA Calculator Works

This device is easy to utilize. You just need your course grades and credit/hours, the two of which are given all through the scholarly year. In case you are uncertain of your present grades and credits, ask an instructor/educator/educator of the relative course.

These GPA adding machine works out your GPA utilizing a basic equation – your grade focuses isolated by the credits/hours. To make things simpler to put together, you can likewise add the name of each course, which should assist with recognizing what classes should be chipped away at to expand your GPA.

On the off chance that you don’t have your present grade for a course, essentially make a best guess.

GPA table

Grade GPA
A+ 4.33
A 4.00
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1.00
D- 0.67
F 0

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How to Use GPA Calculator?

  • First of all, you need to open the GPA Calculator in your browser.
  • After open the calculator, you can see some empty box and selection boxes at the top of the page.
  • Firstly you can see the 3 input boxes.
  • First box is for Course where you can add your Course.
  • Second box is for a required grade.
  • And third is for Credits.
  • Then you can see add row.
  • Add previous cumulative GPA/credits optional.
  • At last click on “Calculate” button.
  • You will get the final result at the bottom of the box.

GPA calculation

GPA is an abbreviation for “Grade Point Average.” It is a typical method of assessing academic performance in high school or college.

In other words, it is an averaging of what you have scored in your classes over the course of the term, semester, and year.

GPA is calculated as a weighted sum of the grades, where the weight is the number of credit/hours and the numerical grade is derived from the GPA table.

The GPA is calculated by multiplying the credit hour weight (w) by the grade (g):

GPA = {w1×g1} + {w2×g2} + {w3×g3} + … + {wn×gn}

The credit hours weight (wi) is equal to the credit hours of the class divided by the sum of all the credit hours:

wi= ci / {c1+c2+c3+…+cn}

GPA calculation example

Credits Grade
4 A
3 C
1 D

– CREDITS = 4+3+3 = 10

w1 = 4/10 = 0.4
w2 = 2/10 = 0.2
w3 = 1/10 = 0.1

g1 = 5
g2 = 3
g3 = 1

GPA = {w1×g1} + {w2×g2} + {w3×g3}
= {0.4×5} + {0.2×3} + {0.1×1}
= 2 + 0.6 + 0.1
= 2.7


Q-1. What is the Average GPA?

A-1. Senior High School

In 2009, the average national high school GPA in the United States was 3.0, or a B. According to new research, that number might possibly be as high as 3.38.
The average GPA has risen considerably over the last two decades (it was 2.68 in 1990), although this isn’t always attributable to brighter pupils.

Higher results on standardized examinations like the SAT and ACT would be expected to coincide with an increase in GPA, but in facts, those test scores have been declining. This suggests that the higher GPA average is most likely attributable to grade inflation rather than improved education.


As shown in a 2006 research, the average college GPA is 3.11, albeit this varies by major—science and math degrees have lower average GPAs, while music and teaching degrees have higher average GPAs. Evidence also points to a tendency in collegiate grade inflation, with one estimate alleging that 62 percent of grades granted at Yale University were “As.”

What does this all imply for you? A GPA over the national average is a crucial component of your academic profile, but remember to vary your curriculum with advanced subjects if you are qualified. Take standardized examinations seriously, and don’t overlook extracurricular activities (particularly if you’re in high school). To remain on top of your GPA, keep track of your total performance with our GPA calculator.

Q-2. What is the highest grade point average?

A-2. It Is Determined by the Scale

The greatest achievable GPA is determined on the scale you use. The most popular 0-4 scale (also known as an unweighted scale) has a maximum score of 4.0, however weighted systems such as the 0-4.5 or 0-5 scale allow for higher GPAs.

High schools that employ weighted GPAs usually use a 0-5 scale, with 5.0 being the best attainable grade. Although a GPA of more than 5.0 is uncommon, certain school point systems are designed so that students taking advanced subjects might earn additional points. One kid earned a remarkable 10.03 GPA by enrolling in 17 advanced subjects at a school that offered extra points.

Q-3. What Does a Good GPA Mean?

A-3. High School

A GPA of at least 3.3 is recommended for high school students applying to colleges. A few less difficult institutions may admit students with GPAs as low as 2.0, but if you want to attend an Ivy League school, you need have a near-perfect GPA.


What defines a “good” GPA in college is determined by the college you attend as well as your major. To proceed with your schooling, you should focus on a 3.0 or higher in light of the fact that most alumni programs have least prerequisites going from 3.0 to 3.5.

Your college GPA is a crucial measure that is usually utilized when applying to certain firms, and it may be a good predictor of performance, motivation, and success potential. A strong GPA will open doors that a lesser score would not, therefore try to keep your GPA good during your education. Check out this article on how to boost your GPA if you’re having trouble keeping up or improving your GPA.


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