How to clear cache in your wordpress

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What is a cache?

Simply, caches are codes that save copies of your website’s data for future use.

Web caching procures cache files on the server rather than requesting actual material from the server. As a result, your material loads faster. Although, cached data might expire, preventing users from viewing the most recent version of the website.

You’ve got many methods to shop a cached model of your WordPress website.

Client-facet caching, or browser caching shops – markup language pages at the person’s laptop. Because of this, as soon as that person visits your website, the cached model is loaded from that local laptop.

Server-side caching stores the static markup language pages on the website server’s disc or RAM. Typically, this is often a technique used for strong websites with multiple databases.

Client-side caching

Commonly referred to as browser caching, it saves static material in internal memory.

When a user returns to the website, it will still load faster since the cached version is already within the browser cache folder.

Server-side caching

It makes use of a server to save the cached records of a website.

Server cache can save diverse web website online records from more than one database, making it a super answer for high-visitors websites.

Between the 2 choices, browser caching is the quickest, though server-side caching remains a superior possibility to not caching at all!

5 Ways To Clear Cache

1. Clear Your Browser Cache

Mostly, all browsers store static data or details of your website. like js, images, or a stylesheet.

However, Web browsers might also additionally fail to understand whilst an internet web page has changed. They may nevertheless refresh the website from the cached version saved on your computer instead of requesting a fresh copy.

For the clear cache in google chrome –

  1. Click on the menu button and then choose More Tools » Clear Browsing Data.
  2. Then, one popup will be opened.
  3. Now you have to select the option which you want to clear from the cache.

It is a process of Clear Cache from the browser.

2. Clear Cache with the WordPress Caching Plugin

With the assistance of the storing module, you can get the reserve free from an introduced module.

Clear Cache in WP Rocket



WP Rocket is the finest WordPress caching plugin available. With the assistance of this WP Rocket plugin, you can easily delete caches and files with a single click.

  1. Navigate to the WP Rocket Settings page
  2. Select the ‘Clear Cache’ option in the dashboard tab.
  3. WP Rocket will now delete any cached data or information for you

Clear Cache in WP Super Cache


WP Super Cache is a famous plugin for WordPress caching. It permits you to clear all cached content with one click.

  1. First, you need to open the WordPress super cache page
  2. Click the delete cache button
  3. Now, you successfully removed all cached files or data from your site

Clear Cache in W3 Total Cache


It is the same as the above plugin for fast and easy cleaning of all cache with a single click.

  1. In this plugin click on the performance
  2. Go to the dashboard page
  3. And, click on the “empty all caches” button

3. Clear Cache on WP Engine

WordPress Engine is a Hosting service company that offers managed services. They run their caching system, which eliminates the requirement for their clients to install a caching plugin.

As we move away from enterprise-level solutions, we come across managed hosting providers for businesses of all sizes. WP Engine is a famous WordPress hosting service.

WP Engine has two distinguishing qualities. The first point to mention is scalability. You may begin with a low-cost plan and gradually upgrade.

If you want a greater enterprise-grade plan following a significant growth spike, WP Engine will not suffice. It’s not the WordPress VIP experience, but it’ll get you there.

Second is the thing that the organization calls “adaptable introduces.” While it is feasible to move a WordPress establishment from practically any facilitating supplier to practically some other facilitating supplier, it very well may be a tedious aggravation loaded with the capability of blunder. There are relocation apparatuses to make the cycle more dependable.

All things considered, WP Engine assembles adaptable introduces into its DNA. The thought is that a web advancement organization can fabricate a full website for a customer, and afterward move that full webpage to the customer’s record, with no breakage or quarrel. We like this since it permits each party to zero in on their qualities without bouncing over circles to get to the subsequent stage.

4. Clear Cache on Bluehost

Bluehost is a top WordPress hosting service in the business. They provide a well-established caching strategy that quickly improves WordPress speed and performance.

  1. To clear the cache with Bluehost, enter the admin panel of your WordPress site.
  2. The caching button will now appear at the top of the admin panel.
  3. Simply click the caching button, and a dropdown option will appear.
  4. To clear the cache, remove all options from this menu.

5. Clear Cache Through Siteground

How to install this plugin and what is the process of cleaning cache with this plugin?

We have described all the processes below.

There are 2 methods for removing the cache.

1. By hosting account dashboard

  1. First, access the hosting account’s admin area.
  2. Navigate to speed -> caching.
  3. Each website’s Dynamic Cache may be removed separately.
  4. Navigate to the Dynamic Cache tab and, for the correct URL, click the Flush Cache option inside Options.

2. By WordPress admin panel

  1. To manage the site ground cache, use the SG optimizer plugin.
  2. The ‘Purge SG Cache’ option will now appear at the top of the WordPress admin area.
  3. Clicking on it successfully erased all SiteGround WordPress cache.

Now go and catch all the caches!


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