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Inches to Foot Converter


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Inches are a unit of linear measurement equal to 1/12 of feet.

The inch is a conventional and standard length measurement in the United States.

Feet is a unit of length that is used in a variety of systems, such as English, Imperial, and customary units in the United States.

To convert inches to feet, multiply the provided figure (in inches) by 0.0833, because 1 inch equals roughly 0.0833 foot. Another way to convert inches to feet is to divide the given number by 12, as each foot is made up of 12 inches.

In the Imperial system of measurement, inches & feet are two significant units for determining length. In this essay, we’ll discover a little more about the conversion.

Its size varies depending on the system, but it is typically a quarter to a third of a meter in length. The universal feet is the most often utilized feet nowadays.

Feet are written as “ft” in letters and also described as (‘).

Inches are written as “in” in letters and also described as (“).

Ex. 6 feet 7 inch written as 6’7”.

How many inches in 1 feet

1 ft = 12 in

How many feet in 1 inch

1 in = 0.0833333333 ft

Equation of Inches to feet conversion

feet = inches / 12

Example. Convert 67 inches to feet

Feet = inches / 12
= 67 / 12
= 5.5833

How to Convert Inches to Feet?

The length of anything can be measured in a variety of ways, including meters, centimeters, inches, and feet. When working with length, we frequently encounter circumstances in which several measuring units are provided.

In some cases, we must convert the provided amount or value from one unit to another in order to compare or execute mathematical operations on the values.

Both inches and feet are length measurement units, with inches shortened as “in.” and feet abbreviated as “ft.” The singular of “foot” is “feet,” while the plural of “foot” is “feet.” Inches to feet and inches to foot are both equivalent conversions.

The relationship between inches and feet may be understood by knowing that one inch equals about 0.0833 foot or one foot equals 12 inches.

The following are the steps to convert in to ft:

Step 1: Take the specified value (in inches) and multiply it by 0.0833.

Step 2: Write the product in “ft” or “foot” units.

Inches to feet Converter

Shorter distances and heights, as well as altitude, depth, and elevation, are usually measured in inches & feet.

In inches, enter a value. The matching figure in ft and feet and inches combined will subsequently be shown by our calculator.

Inch to Feet conversion table

Inches Feet
1 0.0833
2 0.1666
3 0.25
4 0.3333
5 0.4166
6 0.5
7 0.5833
8 0.6666
9 0.75
10 0.8333

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Q-1. What is the formula for converting inches to feet?

A-1. Divide your figure by 1/12 to convert inches to feet.

Q-2. What is the difference between an inch and a foot?

A-2. The worldwide standard for inch is in, but the international standard for feet is ft.

Q-3. In 1 inch, how many feet are there?

A-3. One inch equals 0.083333 feet.

Q-4. How many inches are in one foot?

A-4. One foot equals 12 inches.


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