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Feet to inch Converter



If you are looking forward to know feet-to-inch conversion process, then you are at the right place. This article will provide you with the necessary and relevant information on simple conversion from feet to inch. But before that, you should know about feet and inch separately for your convenience and benefits.


The foot (also known as ft.) is nothing but a unit of the length which has been used for measurement in the United States of America and British Imperial. It happens to be a customary system of measurement. As per the International Yard & Pound Agreement of the year 1959, 1 foot is equal to 0.3048 meters.

Over the history, foot used to be an essential part of several local systems of unit such as French, Chinese, Roman and Greek among other countries as well. But it may have varied from country to country. Its length has mainly been decided between 250 mm to 335 mm.


Like foot, inch is also considered as a unit of the length in United States of America and British Imperial normal systems of the measurements. 1 inch is known to be equal to 1/16 yard. The term ‘inch’ was derived from Roman ‘uncia’ (means ‘twelfth’). It is mainly understood as derived from width of human thumb.

Inch has also been used in different countries as a unit of measurements. Not to mention, it lengths have also been varied from country to country. Ever since adoption of international yard during 1960s, inch has been based on metric system. It is then fixed to be exactly 25.4 mm.

How to effectively convert feet to inches?

Now as you have known about feet and inches, you might wish to know to convert feet into inch. There are several steps that you are required to follow in this regard. If you can properly follow the steps, then it would certainly be effective and efficient for you to consider. The step by step procedures of feet-to-inch conversion are described below.

Step 1: Write down number of feet

The conversion of feet to inch is quite easy and simple to say the least. At first, you are required to write down the number of feet that you wish to convert. You can write feet as ‘feet’ or ‘ft’, whichever you prefer most.

In this regard, it would be beneficial for you to follow the real world examples during feet to inch conversion. For instance, if you want to know the length of your room wall in inches, then you have to know the length of that wall in feet first. And if the length of the wall is sixteen feet, then you should write down the measurement in number like this, 16.

Step 2: Multiply the written number of feet by 12

In this second step, you are supposed to multiply the number of feet by 12. It is because 1 feet is equal to 12 inches. This is followed all around the world. Once you multiply this, then you will get the exactly inches.

For example if your room wall is 16 feet, then multiply it by 12 will give you 192.

Step 3: Label the answer in inches

Now this is the last step which is very important to consider. After multiplying the feet number with 12, you are to get a number. In the case of your room wall it is 192. Now your job is to label the answer in inches. It is because 192 means nothing until you adds a unit of measurement here. Once you add the word ‘inches’ then it becomes 192 inches. Now it has become some meaningful word or phrase. Your room wall is 192 inch.


Feet (ft) Inches (in)
0.2 ft 2.4 in
1 ft 12 in
5 ft 60 in
9.45 ft 113.4 in
10 ft 120 in
50 ft 600 in
100 ft 1200 in
200 ft 2400 in
500 ft 6000 in


Now if you want to go back from inch to feet like before, then all you need to do just divide the answer by 12. Therefore, in order to get back the measurement in feet, make a division by 12. Upon dividing 192 by 12, you will get 16 or 16 feet. Hence, this 16 feet is the length of your room wall. It can be said that converting feet to inch is quite simple provided you know the right method. There are other ways that you can follow.

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