How many Feet are in a Yard

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Yard is regarded as both European and American length of unit. The yard can really be abbreviated as yd. For instance 1 yard can be written or expressed as 1 yd. It is better for you to use a tape measure or ruler to measure 1 yard if the needs arise.

The conversion of feet to yards

If you want to know the feet to yard conversion, then the process is not lengthy or tiresome. It is rather fast, effective and efficient. The step by step procedures of feet to yards conversion are given below for your own good and convenience. Understand and do exactly that.

Step 1: Write down the feet

At first, you are required to write down the feet that you wish to convert into feet. For example, you may want to any length of feet in yards be it 1 feet, 5 feet or 10 feet. The choice is yours. You are supposed to take the decision.

Step 2: Know 1 feet is equal to how much yards

Now you are supposed to know as to how much yards are in there in 1 foot. In this regard, you should know that 1 foot is simply equal to 0.33333 yd.

Step 3: Multiply the feet length by 0.33333

Now you are supposed to multiply the specific feet length by 0.3333. For example, if it is 5 feet then you have to multiply it with the said fraction number. On the other hand, even if it is 10 feet, then also you are supposed to multiply it with 0.3333.

Step 4: Use the suffix of yards

This is the last but not the least step. You are required to use suffix of yards after the final multiplied output. For example, if after multiplying 5 feet by 0.3333, it will be 16.5. Then you are supposed add the suffix of yards after 16.5, this making it 16.5 yards as a whole. This is how you are to reach the least stage of feet to yard conversion.

Example : 5′ = (5 รท 3) = 1.666667 yd

Feet (ft) Yard (yd)
.17 ft 0.51 yd
1 ft 0.333333 yd
10 ft 3.3333 yd
31 ft 10.33 yd
50 ft 16.6667 yd
100 ft 33.3333 yd
200 ft 66.6667 yd
400 ft 133.333 yd
500 ft 166.667 yd

Things to consider

You have two options to make the multiplication of the conversation. The first way is to do it manually using your brain. On the other hand, the second way is to use a calculator to do the multiplication. In both ways, you have to be careful while putting the multiplying number. If you make a small error, then the whole output is to be wrong for the obvious reasons.


Once you are done with the multiplication, you should not forget to use the suffix an end. If you forget, then the whole purpose defeats as without the suffix unit at end, it is meaningless. If you write 1.65, then it means nothing. This is why you have to write 1.65 yards.

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