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You may need to convert the figure from feet to meter for different reasons. Mathematically, if you multiply the feet with 0.3048, you will get the actual measurement. If you want to do it in your mind you can divide the figure of the feet by 3 and you will get the approximate figure.

What is feet?

Foot is considered to be a measurement related to length. You will find this measurement in different units like United States Customary unit, Imperial unit, English unit and others. The size of the same will vary from one system to other. However, each of them will be within a quarter of a meter. You will find the most common use of the international foot now a day. 3 feet will be called a yard and 12 inches will make a foot.

What is meter?

Meter is also considered to be a measurement related to length. In metric system this is considered to be a basic unit. This measurement system is used all over the world for scientific and general purposes. The symbol of meter is m. You can consider the distance from the floor to your hipbone as meter. Meter is now the most commonly used measurement method for getting distance. Meter is considered as more internationally used measurement process now a day.

Why the conversion is difficult:

Actually, if you know the conversion method this conversion is not a difficult one. However, people consider this to be little difficult because these two measurement methods are not inter related. However, mathematically, you will only need to know about the conversion proportion. The rest of the work will take just a few seconds. Now, with the help of the various online websites it has become much easier to make any such conversion.

Why the conversion is required:

Now a day, feet is not that much used for general calculations because the related other calculation methods from this basic unit is little complicated. Hence, it has been replaced more with meters. The calculation process of the same is much easier. Hence, feet-to-meter conversion has become more important. If you go through online you will get plenty of websites where you can just put the number of feet you want to convert. It will provide you the measurement in meter in seconds.

There are plenty of other reasons for which you may require this conversion. Suppose, you are trying describe your height to a friend who is European.

How to make the conversion in any place easily:

If you are at any particular place and trying to get the measurement, then you should have a measurement tape in your hand. You should measure the required space in feet with the help of the measurement tape. You should also keep the inches in consideration. If you are making the conversion for your school project, then you will have the number of feet already known to you.

Multiply the foot by 0.3048 then to get the meter. You should convert the inches into foot first before making the feet-to-meter conversion so that you can get the exact figure.

Example : 10ft = 0.3048×10ft = 3.048m

Feet (ft) Meter (m)
0.1 ft 0.03048 m
1 ft 0.3048 m
10 ft 3.048 m
50 ft 15.240 m
100 ft 30.48 m
150 ft 45.72 m
200 ft 60.96 m
500 ft 152.4 m
1000 ft 304.8 m

When you will transform the inches into foot it will come in fraction and it will be much easier for you to multiply the same.

Normally, it is much better to keep the measurement either in feet or in meter. It will make your calculations much easier. However, sometimes, related to different projects or scientific requirements it becomes important to make this conversion. However, if you are known to the diversion factors, it is not at all a difficult job to get the exact value in meters.

Now, by the help of various websites it has become extremely easier to make the conversion of feet into meter. Hence, if anyone has provided you the measurement of your new purchased home or newly purchased property in feet, you can easily transform the same into meter and get the desired measurement quite easily.

At any point of time you can do it manually as well by dividing the feet by 3. Hence, getting the figure of meter from feet is not at all a difficult job. However, as internationally meter is more used for the measurement of length, it is better to use meter for the measurement as well rather than using the feet as the measurement procedure.

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