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Energy Consumption Calculator >>

Use the calculator below to calculate your electricity use and costs depending on your power needs and appliance usage.
Because the amount of time and power used on each appliance varies greatly between homes, set the usage for each appliance to most exactly match your particular usage for the best results.

Electricity units

Watts are among the most widely used units of electrical power. British thermal units, tonnes, Kilowatts and horsepower are all typical power units.

1 BTU/h 0.2931 watt
1 BTU 0.2931 watt-hours
1 BTU 0.0002931 kWh
1 unit mechanical horsepower 745.7 w
1 kWh 3412 BTU
1 unit metric horsepower 735.5 w
1 ton 3517 watts
1 ton 12000 BTU/h

Power Calculator >>

Calculation for Electricity cost Calculator

The cost of electricity in dollars is equal to E in kWh divided by 10 cents per kWh, where E equals energy consumption in kWh per day.

cost[$/day] = E[kWh/day] * Cost[cent/kWh] / 100[cent/$]

How to Calculate Your electricity bill

step 1: Calculate the Energy Used in Kilowatt-Hours

First, You have to Calculate how many kilowatt-hours of energy were used.

kWh = Power[watt] * Time[hours/day] ÷ 1000[W]

step 2: Calculate the Electricity Cost

The cost of electricity varies, but the national average is $.12 per kilowatt-hour. This fee is reflected on the power company’s monthly electric bill.

Price = Electricity[kWh] * Cost[price/kWh]


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