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What is the definition of Volt?

Electricity flows in a circuit when an electrical force or pressure is applied. Amperes of current flow against one ohm of resistance when a certain amount of pressure is applied. The idea is comparable to that of water pressure.

What is the definition of Watt?

In a circuit, the amount of electrical power is measured in watts. Watts are electrical units of measurement that are often used in AC power circuits. Volt-amps are also an electrical unit of measurement. The current is multiplied by the electrical pressure to get watts.

How to convert Volts to Watts

Using a basic Watt’s Law calculation, you can convert voltage to watts of power. Power divided by voltage is Watt’s Law, which states that current equals power divided by voltage. We can tweak this formula slightly to say that power equals voltage times current with a little mathematics.

Here, we describe 3 varieties of volts to watts calculation

  1. DC volts into watts
  2. AC single phase volts into watts
  3. AC three phase volts into watts

Amps to Watts Calculator >>

1. DC volts to watts

In order to calculate power in watts, the voltage in volts must be multiplied by the current in amps.

P = V * I

2. AC single phase volts to watts

Multiply the phase current in amps by the RMS voltage in volts to get the actual power in watts.

P = PF * I * V

3. AC three phase volts to watts

The real power in watts is the square root of three multiplied by the power factor and phase current in amps. Multiply the result by the voltage RMS in volts.

P = √3 * PF * I * V (L-L)

PF is multiplied by I in amps (A) plus the line to neutral RMS voltage VL-N in volts (V) to calculate power P in watts (W).

P = 3 * PF * I * V (L-N)


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