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What is Kilovolt-Amp?

  • Kilovolt-Amp (KVA) is a unit of measurement for the amount (kVA)
  • The power associated with an electric current is measured in KVA (kilovolt-amperes).
  • 1000 volt-ampere equals 1 kilovolt-ampere.
  • The square root of 3 (1.732) times amps times volts, divided by 1000, equals KVA.

What is Ampere?

  • The flow of electricity as an electrical current is measured in amps (A).
  • It quantifies the number of electrons that travel past a specific place each second, hence one Ampere is defined as the current that flows with one Coulomb of electric charge per second.

Here, we describe 2 varieties of kva to amps

  1. kva to amps in single phase
  2. kva to amps in three phase

Formulas for kVA to Amps calculation

1. single phase kva to amps

There are 1000 times more kilovolt-amps in apparent power S than amperes in current versus volts in voltage.

I = 1000 * S / V

2. three phase kva to amps

L-L voltage calculation

This formula calculates the phase current I in amp by dividing the apparent power P in kilovolt-amps by three times the line-to-line voltage VL-L in volts.

I = 1000 × P / {√3 × V(L-L)}

L-N voltage calculation

A phase current of I amperes amp equals 1000 times the apparent power of S in kilovolts, divided by 3 times the line to neutral RMS voltage.

In volts, VL-N is:

I = 1000 × S / {3 × V(L-N)}

How to convert kVA to Amp with the calculator:

If you want to convert kVA to amps, enter it in kVA, then choose the number of phases, Single or Three. Once you have chosen the numbers of phases, remember the proper voltage to enter, LL or LN, which is dependent on the correct information from the tool. Now enter the voltage of the equipment and finally click calculate.

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kVA To Amps conversion table for 220 V in

[Single phase]
[Three phase(L-L)]
[Three phase(L-N)]
10 45.455 26.243 15.152
20 90.909 52.486 30.303
30 136.364 78.73 45.455
40 181.818 104.973 60.606
50 227.273 131.216 75.758
60 272.727 157.459 90.909
70 318.182 183.702 106.061
80 363.636 209.946 121.212
90 409.091 236.189 136.364
100 454.545 262.432 151.515


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