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The kW to Amps conversion calculator is used to determine amperes from known power kilowatts. To calculate the current via the circuit, enter the known kW and system voltages.

What’s the definition of Kilowatts?

The kilowatt-hour (kW) is a unit of electrical power measurement (wattage).

What’s the definition of Ampere?

Ampere are devices of dimension for the glide of power with inside the shape of an electric powered modern-day. Electrical electricity can be as compared to the glide of water thru a hosepipe. The modern-day will become more potent as greater water flows during the hosepipe.

The ampere (A) is a unit of electrical current measurement (amperage).

Here, we describe 3 varieties of Kilowatts to amps calculation

1. DC kw to amps
2. AC single phase kw to amps
3. AC 3 phase kw to amps

1. DC kw to amps

which means the current in amps is determined by multiplying 1000 by the power in kilowatts and dividing by the voltage in volts.

I [A] = 1000 x P [kW] / V [V]

2. AC single phase kw to amps

Watt is the unit of measurement used to determine how much power a load consumes and how much electricity can be given to a circuit.

If the kW of any single-phase ac circuit is known, we can simply compute the amperage using the following formula and calculation, and we can also get the same result using the preceding KW to amps calculator.

I [A] = 1000 × P [kW] / (PF × V [V] )

3. AC three phase kw to amps

In the case of an AC three-phase supply, if the wattage is known, the ampere rating may be determined as follows:

Line to line voltage

I [A] = 1000 × P [kW] / (√3 × PF × VL-L [V] )

Line to neutral voltage

I [A] = 1000 × P [kW] / (3 × PF × VL-N [V] )

KiloWatts to Amps conversion table for 220 V

KiloWatts Amps
10 45.45
20 90.90
30 136.36
40 181.81
50 227.27
60 272.72
70 318.18
80 363.63
90 409.09
100 454.54


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