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Kilowatt is basically defined as the measure of the consumption of electric appliances. 1 kilo watt is equal to the 1000 watts. If we have to convert the watt into the kilowatt,then we can do it by dividing our wattage by the 1000. So, to get the final result in kilowatts multiply the efficiency, the power factor, the current multiply and the rated voltage. After that answer will be divided by 1000 so that to get the answer in kilowatts.

SI units of the power are the watts and the kilowatts. Unit of the energy are the Kilowatt-hours(kWh). To preserve one kw of power for one hour, one kWh is equivalent to the energy employed. Usually, while talking about the worth of the electricity, we discuss it about in the meanings of the energy. On kilowatt hour calculator, for founded on the amount of kilowatt-hours applied, electricity is most frequently dignified and compensated. Simply because of scale the kilowatts-hours are classically utilized as a measurement of energy instead of the watt-hours is: on the order of millions of watts, the extent of energy a usual house in the US utilizes in a year so it is at ease to deliberate in meanings of kilowatt-hours in its place. The kWh calculator is given below:

Watts to kWh can be converted by the watt to the kWh calculator. But the kWh couldn’t be converted into the w or watts in the direct form due to their quantities difference. So for the calculation fulfill all the requirements of the calculator and the answer in kWh will be obtained. The watts to kWh calculator is very easy to utilize owing to its flexible nature. For this aim start completing the requirements of the calculator like time in the hours and the power in watts and after that calculate button and the answer can easily be seen.

Calculation of watts to kWh

The power P in watts is equivalent to the energy E in kilowatt-hours , divided by 1000 times the time period t in hours:

E[kWh] = P[W] * t[hr] / 1000

Example: Calculate the kWh of 2000 watts for 2 hours.

kWh = (2000 × 2) / 1000
= 4000 / 1000
= 4

Watts to Kilowatt-Hour conversion table

Watts Kilowatt-hours
100 0.1
200 0.2
300 0.3
400 0.4
500 0.5
600 0.6
700 0.7
800 0.8
900 0.9
1000 1

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Q-1. How many Watts in a Kilowatt?

A-1. There are 1000 watts in 1 kilowatt.

Q-2. What does a kilowatt mean?

A-2. The kilowatt is a unit of power. Because a watt is such a small amount of power, it is commonly measured in multiples, such as a kilowatt. As previously stated, a kilowatt is 1,000 watts.

Q-3. What is a Kilowatt-Hour, and how does it work?

A-3. A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is a unit of energy equivalent to one kilowatt (kW) of continuous power for 1 hour.For 1 hour, one kilowatt-hour equals 1000 watts.


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